What to see

In the fabulous Wye Valley there is so much to see - here are a few ideas.

Make the most of your stay in the Wye Valley and the beautiful Symonds Yat.
Find out how to find The Potting Shed


Sex Education

This Netflix comedy has become famous around the world and stars Gillian Anderson.

Filmed at The Chalet in Wye Valley, only a short distance from our restaurant, this famous house was built of Norwegian pine in 1912.

To explore more of the locations filmed in this fantastic series, many of them nearby The Potting Shed, check out this ...

Symonds Yat Rock

Not far from us is the spectacular Symonds Yat Rock Viewpoint.  This is absolutely worth a visit, the river flowing north on one side of the valley and south on the other side - the views are amazing.

Peregrine Falcons nest on the cliffs and hunt around the forests - you may be lucky and catch a sight of them.

4 miles from The Potting Shed restaurant in Whitchurch

Goodrich Castle

Standing in open countryside above the River Wye, Goodrich Castle is one of the finest and best preserved of all English medieval castles. Boasting a fascinating history and spectacular views from the battlements, Goodrich Castle promises a great day out for everyone.

2.8 miles from The Potting Shed Restaurant in Whitchurch.
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The Naval Temple

After the Battle of the Nile, Nelson visited Monmouth with Emma Lady Hamilton and Sir William Hamilton.  They breakfasted in the rooms on the Kymin, a hill high above the town, and went to the Naval Temple which commemorates the glory of the great victory.

The views from the top are spectacular and it is a lovely place to stroll around - 6.5 miles from The Potting Shed in Whitchurch.

King Arthur's Cave

The cave can be found on the northern side of the Wye Valley, the side where the Potting Shed is.  It was inhabited over a period of over 50,000 years, with some important archeological remains discovered.
The easiest route is straight up from the Bibblins Bridge on the forestry track and then it is on your left close to the top.
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The aMazing Hedge Puzzle

One of Britain's most famous mazes, the Jubilee Maze, is just a few minutes stroll from The Potting Shed.  There is also a Museum of Mazes and right next to it is the Butterfly Zoo, both well worth a visit.
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How to get from the Butterfly Zoo to The Potting Shed restaurant.


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