Wye Valley Walk

Some of the prettiest scenery in Britain.


The Wye Valley Walk is a long distance national trail which follows the course of the River Wye from its source in mid-Wales to its confluence with the River Severn at Chepstow in Monmouthshire.

Whether you are looking for a pleasant afternoon stroll, weekend break, or a 2 week walking holiday then the Wye Valley Walk is well worth considering. This beautiful 136 mile (218km) trail criss-crosses the border between England and Wales and includes some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain. Wye Valley Walk leaping salmon

The walk is waymarked with the distinctive leaping salmon logo.

The following are the main sections of the Wye Valley Walk in our area.

Chepstow to Monmouth

  1. Distance: 16-17 miles (25-27km)
  2. High point: 230m (760ft) Upper Wyndcliffe
  3. This section of the walk takes you through woodland along the beautiful lower Wye gorge where you can celebrate the views from Wyndcliffe and Whitestone.  Tintern and its famous abbey lies along this route, with other pretty villages which form part of the rich industrial heritage of the area. On the last few miles of your walk you will drop to the river, leaving the woods behind you and following the banks of the River Wye into the historic Monmouth town.

Monmouth to Ross-on-Wye
The Peregrine Path

  1. Distance: 17-18 miles (27-29km)
  2. High point: 196m (647ft) Chase Wood
  3. You start in open fields where a level stretch of riverside walking follows the meanders of the  River Wy,  passing under the spectacular limestone cliffs and woodlands of the upper Wye gorge. Through glorious Symonds Yat with its riverside pubs, boat trips and canoeists - and of course The Potting Shed restaurant in Whitchurch. At about the half way point to Ross-on-Wye, the path starts to climb steeply through wooded hills and narrow valleys around Leys Hill and Howle Hill, before dropping into the pretty town of Ross-on-Wye from the the top of Chase Hill.

Ross-on-Wye to Hereford

  1. Distance: 17-18 miles (27-29km)
  2. High point: 180m (594ft) Capler Camp
  3. Changing from pastoral riverside walking to a hilly up and down scramble through woodlands and fields which are part of the Woolhope Dome. Traditional Herefordshire orchards, black and white villages and mellow sandstone buildings are along your route. The final section of the walk follows the Wye floodplain into the city of Hereford where the famous cathedral towers above the city; housing the world renowned Mappa Mundi.

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